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Breakaway Trigger Cannon Trigger Surf Casting For More Distance

Breakaway Trigger Cannon Trigger Surf Casting For More Distance

Braid is a good line to use in many casting needs. Braid can tend to get tangled more if it’s allowed to bunch up in the swells at the beach. Braid, however, can be hard on your fingertips when casting. The good thing about the breakaway trigger is that it is mounted onto your rod. You don’t have to remember to bring it along, like you do with the finger protector which often times gets forgotten and left at home.


Casting with a canon trigger is both more accurate and can launch your bait further out. There is more precision and less drag using the trigger over using a finger. In addition, using bait shields on paternoster rigs can also increase distance.

When casting using your finger there is some loss of loading in the rod. As a result there is distance loss. Having the line stable during the cast more energy is transmitted to the rod. Energy is lost through the movement the fingers allow and the drag can release line during the cast as well. Finger casting can also change the angle of release each time. The trigger makes the process more constant.

It’s recommended to wrap your mainline around the stem of the canon trigger three times. Three wraps ensures that the line won’t slip and as a result doesn’t require adjusting the reel drag before and after each cast. Simply wrap the line around the trigger capstan three times and clamp the trigger down. For heavier weights a fourth wrap can be used if necessary.

Mount the canon trigger near the reel. The point of release should be the same as if you were using your finger. Use either sparky’s tape on a clean dry rod or zip ties to secure the breakaway trigger.

After mounting the breakaway trigger on the rod take 10 minutes and practice with short casts. Take a few short casts and get used to the feel of the trigger. Over several casts make longer casts and get the hang of the trigger to maximize your surf casting distance. Start with 10 meters, then 20 meters, and so on until you have mastered the trigger.

Proper form for casting should be with your feet spread about shoulder distance apart. Your feet should be in line with the direction you want to cast. Hold the rod directly behind you and cast overhead. Pull down on the forward hand at the butt of the rod. Push forward with the upper hand above the reel. Release should happen at about a 45 degree angle to the ground.

Include some casting form techniques, a canon trigger, and bait shields and you can really increase your casting distance. You might be surprised at the increase in distance of your casts.

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