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Casting Aids Cast Further and Also Have Other Benefits

Casting Aids Cast Further and Also Have Other Benefits

There are many reasons to use casting aids. The benefits of using Bait Clips and Splash Down Clips are not always about gaining distance. Clipping down baits with any type of bait clip helps keep the hooked bait from windmilling and tangling during a cast. Clipped baits hit the water behind the sinker and shield which can help protect delicate baits. Whether you want to cast farther, reduce tangles, or protect baits, bait shields and other casting aids can help you out.

Impact Bait Shields

Splash Down Bait Shield Paternoster Rig Surf Fishing
Impact Bait Shields slide directly onto your mainline of a Paternoster rig. It holds the hook inline with the weight for an aerodynamic cast. This allows your cast to go farther and helps protect more delicate baits. Excellent for a single hook clipped down Paternoster style snood.

Impact Bait Shield With Clip

Distance Casting Bait Shield With Clip Down
This is an improvement on the Impact Bait Shield. Wire positively holds the hook until it hits the water and releases the trapped hook. It is good for Off The Ground casts and similar casts where a secure hook is needed during casts.

Splash Down Release Clip

Splash Down Bait Clip for Off The Ground Casting Long Distance Casting Rig Fishing Tackle
Splash Down Clips holds the hook firmly in all types of casting. Off The Ground casting is possible with the Splash Down Clip. The button releases the hook when it hits the water. The Splash Down Clip holds the hook firmly so it doesn’t release during advanced casting methods.

Impact Release Clips

Impact Release Clip Splash Release Long Distance Casting Rig Paternoster Surf Fishing Tackle
Impact Clips are very streamlined and small. The sinker is right at the clip and makes for a compact rig. These are good for Paternoster Rigs or Pulley Rigs. Impact Clips have a small paddle that releases when it hits the water no matter what angle it hits.

Casting Trigger

Casting Trigger Surf Casting and Long Distance Casting Cannon Release
A simple mechanism like the Casting Trigger can help increase casting distance 20% to 30% further. Like the other distance casting aids there’s more benefit to using a Casting Trigger.

Holding line with a heavy sinker while casting can blister a fingertip. Worst case it can cut into your finger. As a cast is made with heavy sinkers line can slip ou past the drag which can cut into your finger.

The Casting Trigger takes the line off your finger and places it onto the metal capstan of the device. Instead of holding the line you now control the release with the trigger of the mechanism.
It can help you cast further, help avoid cutting your finger, and be more comfortable when casting in the cold. Much like the other casting aids there are multiple benefits.
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