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How to Tie a Strong and Easy Snell Knot

How to Tie a Strong and Easy Snell Knot

This is a Snell Knot. I use it for most hook tying needs. I don't recall a failed knot in a decade of fishing using it.

Put the line through the eye, but you don't have to. Works on ring eye or spade tip hooks. Make a loop and lay it on the shank. Use two fingers to twist the.line around the shank at least 5 times, I do 7 or 9. The backside of the loop stays outside the hook bend as you wrap. Hold knot and pull mainline then pull tag end. Clip excess tag end.

You can tie it easily in low light settings, lost glasses, big hooks, little hooks, or after 8 or 10 beers.

My favorite knot for hooks and making premade leaders.
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