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Micro Jigs Are a Versatile and Productive Lure in Australia

Micro Jigs Are a Versatile and Productive Lure in Australia

Micro jigging is a more recent fishing tactic used in Australia to target a wide variety of fish species. Micro jigs target a variety of fish species at different depths of the water column and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. There really is no better fishing lure an angler could have in their tackle box.

Micro slice jigs can be very effective in catching Bream, Cod, Snapper, Bonito, Mac Tuna, Kingfish, Amberjack, grouper, Samson fish and many other species. Micro jigs work inshore and offshore as well from the surface feeding action of bonito and kingfish to the bottom bashing Snapper and Flathead. Many pelagics can be taken on micro jigs fishing from the rocks.

Microjigging is also good for freshwater species like Redfin, Silver, and Golden Perch will fall prey to micro jigs just as well as trout will. Ultralight rods, light braid or monofilament lines, and small jigs can make for a great day of fishing on the dam or river.

Vertical jigging is one of the oldest forms of lures used by man. It has stood the test of time because it works. It's a very useful method to target more than one species of fish. There's more than one technique a micro jig can be used for.

Slow jigging is not a commonly known method for using jigs. It is similar to how soft plastics are fished. Slow jigging micro jigs keeps the lure in the fish's strike zone longer. to encourage more strikes. It's possible to keep the lure close to the reef so it is more likely to get a strike.

Casting and retrieving is the most well known method of using jigs of any size. Micro jigs can be cast and retrieved in many ways. Cast into a school of Trevally or Bonito a quick retrieve can be rewarding as the fish chase down and strike your lure. The classic rod tip dip and retrieve works amazingly well from the stones and beaches. Rips and gutters can produce a wide variety of fish like Salmon, Tailor, and even Flathead on a micro jig.

Trolling is a popular method of using the micro jig. Slowly dragged behind the boat, tinnie, or kayak can produce some awesome hookups. Trolling micro jigs is a great way to cover a lot more area especially if you don't have a sounder. When trolling having two lines out at different depths can also help find fish holding patterns.

Fresh live bait for fishing for large pelagics can be had fast and easy with micro jigs. Dollies, Marlin, and other large pelagics will take Bonito and similar tuna-like fish. Cut bait for bottom fishing or making berley can be found quickly using micro jigs. Flathead and Snapper will take chunks of fresh filet strips and chunk baits.

Surprisingly, a 20 gram lure with a couple sharp hooks is a very versatile fishing lure. Grab a few for your tackle box and expand your fishing capacity. If you fish for Flathead and Snapper on bottom, float livies for Kingfish, or like to catch Bonito, Kingies, and Snapper on lures these are for you. They take us so little space but can make such a big impact on your fishing session.
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