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Micro Jigs Are Great All Around Jigs for Tailor Bonito and Kingfish

Micro Jigs Are Great All Around Jigs for Tailor Bonito and Kingfish

Micro Jigs Are Great All Around Jigs for Tailor Bonito and Kingfish.


Bonito fishing is one of the many popular types of fishing in Australia. Flat Slice Jigs with an Assist Hook are a popular way to catch Bonito and they're also great for fishing for Tailor, Kingfish, and many other big fish. This article will explain flat slice jigs and give you some tips on how to fish with them. Whether you're new to flat slice jigs or an experienced angler we want to help you get the most out of your fishing sesion all around Australia!


We offer three colours in our Flat Slice Jig line up. Bunker Blue, Herring Green, and Silver Pilchard will have all your conditions covered fishing with slugs. Colour can be important depending on what forage fish are feeding on and what the light conditions are. Some days colour won't matter at all but some days they will only want a particular colour. Matching the colour of Flat Slice Jig to the baitfish or light conditions can make a difference.


Flat Slice Jigs are a Versatile All Around Lure


Jigs can produce fish when soft plastics may not be able to. It's best to have a well rounded tackle box but if you are going with limited tackle then Flat Slice Jigs would have to be one lure to add in the tackle box. Soft plastics can be hard to use trolling but a micro jig will be a good candidate for catching Tailor and Bonito behind the boat trolling. Flat Slice Jigs are a good choice whether you're fishing in the estuaries or harbours. Even outside bottom bouncing them over rocky reef bottom they can produce quality fish. They are one of the more versatile fishing lures you can get.


Flat Slice Jigs are Great for Tailor Bonito and More!


If you're looking to up your fishing game grab a flat slice jig. These jigs are great for catching Tailor, Bonito, Mackerel, and other schooling fish in open water. They can also be fished slowly or rapidly, depending on the type of fish you're after. Flat slice jigs are particularly effective around structure - like docks and piers - and around rocky reef bottoms fished as a vertical jig. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a flat slice jig and start fishing like a pro!


How do I use Micro Jigs for Tailor Bonito and Kingfish fishing?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer and jig techniques used for tailor bonito fishing will vary from using flat slice jigs for Flathead or Snapper. However, some general tips that may be useful for Tailor and Bonito fishing is sight fishing. Bust ups are a prime example of a time to use flat slice jigs. Cast to the edges of a bust up and reel in quick rips. Bait balls are noticeable when predators start attacking baitfish. Avoid casting into the center of the bait ball and concentrate on the edges.


Fishing the stones, piers, and similar areas can be super productive with Flat Slice Jigs. Kingfish can often be caught off a pier or wharf. Cast out the jig and reel in with a rip and reel retrieve. Remember to change up your retrieve style until you find what the fish want. It can really make a difference whether you get on a hot bite or get a donut just by your retrieve method. Try a slow retrieve with a series of pauses but don't discredit the high speed reel in for Tailor and Bonito.


Does a Flat Slice Jig Catch Other Fish Like Flathead?


Beach fishing can be productive for many fish species an hour or so before and after high tide. Early morning and late afternoon when the sun is not so bright is usually a better time to catch fish. Look for deep and wide gutters that have a good rip entrance and cast as far out as you can. Tailor in the surf will often take a rip and reel retrieve technique. Flathead prefer a slower drop and wait retrieve in the gutters. Salmon will also take a flat slice jig in the surf. It's a good all around lure to sling at the beach.


Sand flats will be another excellent place to use flat slice jigs. Best results can be had with a up and down retrieve. Letting the flat slice sit on bottom momentarily in sand flats can increase Flathead catches. Rocky area you want to keep your flat slice jig off the bottom to avoid snags. Bream, Flathead, Whiting, and even Flounder have been caught in the flats with the 20 gram Flat Slice Jigs.


Rock fishing is another great place to throw a Flat Slice Jig. The stones can offer a quick session in deeper water. Cast out with the rip and reel for Bonito, Tailor, Salmon, Trevally, and other similar fish. Deeper jigging can grab some Snapper and a multitude of other species. Change up your cast and retrieve until you find what is working.




If you're looking for a great way to improve your fishing game check out our latest flat-slice jigs! These jigs are excellent for catching Tailor Bonito Flathead and other table fish. So, whether you're a beginner angler looking for a new fishing adventure or an experienced angler looking for a versatile and easy way to fish, our flat-slice jigs are just what you need!

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