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Octopus Hooks Work the Treat for Cut Bait or Live Bait Fishing!

Octopus Hooks Work the Treat for Cut Bait or Live Bait Fishing!

The octopus hook is used to catch a wide variety of fish. The octopus hook can be rigged with one hook or multiple hooks snelled on one line. This is so several hooks can go into one bait. Surf fishing this is a common method of rigging fishing hooks. You can't find a better live bait hook. We prefer them better than even a circle hook!


This is our best selling hook! Sharp, Strong, and Durable!


Octopus hooks are designed to be used with a snell knot. This is why the eye is bent backwards so the fishing line is straight on with the shank. Octopus hooks are great for cut bait and live bait as well. An angler will do well to have Octopus hooks in the tackle box. Octopus hooks work equally well with baitcaster or spinning reels. 

The Octopus hook is designed with the eye bent backwards at a 30 degree angle. This is perfect for a snell knot to be used. Snell knots are very strong and keep the power in line with the shank. The Octopus hook puts the hook point in the right place to use the energy from the line to the maximum benefit. During a hook set the point of the hook is drawn in the direction of the line. This lets the most power and holding force be applied for positive hooks sets. 

Snell knots are very streamlined and don't break at the knot like a clinch or modified clinch knot. It can also be tied in low light conditions or when swell is bad. Snell knots apply holding pressure along a wider area and reduces line cutting itself like some other knots can. There will be far fewer break offs at the knot so check your mainline for nicks and damage often and this is where you will be breaking off, not at the hook. 

Snapper, Flathead, Bream, Salmon, and heaps of other fish will be caught bait fishing with the Octopus hook. It really is a versatile hook. It's a great hook for fishing the rocks, open ocean, or the estuary. Mulloway, Kingfish, Mac Tuna, and just about anything that takes a cut bait or live bait can be caught on an Octopus style fishing hook. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Octopus Hook?

  • Better Hook Setting
  • Stay Hooked
  • Strong

Rigs tied with Octopus hooks do well. I tie my Paternosters largely with Octopus hooks. They come in a wide range of sizes to match the species of fish being targetted. I also prefer Octopus hooks for sliding ball sinker rigs, sliding sinkers, and bottom bashing rigs. You'll have the best time out doing some traditional Snapper fishing.

High carbon steel hooks with a black nickel coating make these hooks strong and durable. Octopus hooks keep the leverage inline with the shank for a strong hook set. Coupled with our Needle Point they are deadly accessories. They are one of your most important bits of fishing tackle. Fishing heavy 100 pound test or light weight tackle you can't go wrong with the Octopus hook.

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