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Rockfishing Safety Tips for Australian Anglers

Rockfishing Safety Tips for Australian Anglers

Rock fishing is fishing from rocky outcrops or rock ledges into the sea. Find rock fishing safety tips, rock fishing resources and rock fishing videos on this page to help you enjoy it safely.

In some states there are restrictions on fishing due to safety concerns which try to make the sport a little more safe. Rock fishing is one of the most dangerous sports in Australia. Rock fishing deaths and accidents occur every year and over a dozen people are reported dead from rock fishing related incidents in NSW alone. 

Pay attention for hazards and heed weather warnings. Focus on your surroundings: don’t turn your back on the ocean for very long. If you are baiting up or tying hooks on move to a safe place until you can pay attention fully. Stay alert to weather and swell and wave action conditions even if there has been no warning. Put on your safety gear as soon as you can even before getting to your fishing spot if possible. Wear lightweight clothing in the event you do get washed off the rock platform as it is easier to swim. Never wear gum boots rockfishing. 

Fishers not wearing a lifejacket can make them more vulnerable to drowning. It is essential and ins some places mandatory that a lifejacket should be used when you go rock fishing.

A lifejacket can improve your chance of surviving by 50%. While a life vest can prevent diving through swell it can also help when anglers have lost consciousness such as hitting their head on the rocks.

Do not have a false sense of security because you are wearing a life preserver! Use the same caution you would if you were not wearing a life jacket. You may only get one last chance to make a grave mistake.

Some of rock fishing's safety measures aside from wearing a lifejacket, non slip soles or cleats and sun protection. You should also carry mobile phone or radio to contact rescue services and always fish with a friend in the event something happens. 

Non slip shoes should be worn at the minimum. Thongs and similar slip on shoes are a poor choice for fishing rock ledges. Weedy rocks can be very slippery and not only lead to falling into the ocean but cut feet, sprained wrists, or even head injuries can occur.

Metal cleats or shoes made for rockfishing are the best option. Multiple short spikes are better than long wide metal cleats that can get stuck in rock crevices. Slip on or strap on ice cleats can make a huge difference in footing security. Another important reason to wear cleats is for traction in case ocean swell hits and pushes you off your feet. You are more likely to not get bowled over and more likely to be able to regain footing to keep from getting washed into the ocean.

Don't take a life or death chance with fishing off the stones without cleats and a life preserver. Rock fishing is an amazon pastime but don't let it be your last time!

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