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Ultimate Guide to Bonito Fishing in New South Wales: Mastering the Art with Landcaster Jigs

Ultimate Guide to Bonito Fishing in New South Wales: Mastering the Art with Landcaster Jigs

Ultimate Guide to Bonito Fishing in New South Wales: Mastering the Art with Landcaster Jigs

This month we're diving into the exhilarating world of Bonito fishing along the picturesque, yet rugged, coastlines of New South Wales. With the help of Landcaster's top-tier jigs - the Slice Jig, Flat Slice Jig, and Bom Dart Jigs - you'll be well on your way to mastering this adrenaline-pumping sport.

Bonito are a spirited species that puts up a remarkable fight. Bonito like Watson's Jumping Bonitop are a sought-after catch among the angling community in NSW. They are particularly abundant during the warmer months from late spring to early autumn providing anglers with ample opportunities to test their skills against these fast-swimming adversaries. Anyone who has seen these brightly coloured fish swarm around baitfish can appreciate their speed and beauty.

When it comes to choosing your fishing spot NSW offers a plethora of prime locations renowned for rock fishing. Places like Jervis Bay or the Sydney Harbour breakwall are hotspots for Bonito thanks to the deep waters close to shore and abundant baitfish. Often Bonito can also be seen cruising at top speed around the shallows in the harbours chasing baitfish. This is a great place to chuck the LandCaster Billabong Bubbler and retrieve as fast as you can to entice a hit.

Safety, as always, should be your top priority. Be sure to check the weather and tide conditions before venturing out. Always fish in spots where you can safely access and exit the rocks. Watch for high and low tide access changes.

Now, let's talk about the game-changer - Landcaster jigs. The Slice Jig is known for its ability to achieve long casts and fast retrieves. The Slice Jig is a magnet for Bonito especially when they're feeding aggressively. The Flat Slice Jig, with its unique design, allows for varied retrieval speeds making it versatile in different sea conditions. For those deeper waters the streamlined Bom Dart Jigs are your go-to choice thanks to their rapid sinking capability and ability to reach the depths where Bonito can often lurk.

The Flat Slice is the slower sinking slice jig. Hanging in the water column where you need it the best. The LandCaster Slice Jig is a little heaver, casts further, and sink a little faster. The Bom Dart is the faster sinking jig when you need to get it out there. You can check out these jigs in detail on, where they provide a wealth of information on each product.

In terms of technique casting for Bonito requires both distance and accuracy. Since Bonito are often found beyond the breakers when surf fishing a long cast is essential. When retrieving vary your speed - start fast then alternate to slower speeds keeping the jig moving in a manner that's enticing to these predators. It’s also crucial to read the conditions; look for signs like baitfish activity or birds diving as these are indicators that Bonito are nearby. Sunnies that are polarized can help you see the bright streaks of colour as Bonito go by and lets you sight cast to them.

Your gear plays a significant role in your fishing success. A medium to medium/heavy rod around 9-10 feet will provide the necessary casting distance and control. We prefer a 10 to 12 foot medium light to medium for best fun. The extra loading in the medium light to medium lets you cast a bit more distance and allows a lighter line to fight them with.

Pair this with a high-quality spinning reel spooled with 15-30 lb line to handle the fight that Bonito are known for. Depending on the day’s conditions choose your Landcaster jig wisely - each has its unique advantages.

Lastly, let’s talk about conservation and sustainability. Fishing is not just about the catch it's about respecting the environment and ensuring future generations can enjoy the same experiences we do. Adhere to the local fishing regulations including bag limits and size restrictions. Also, practice ‘leave no trace’ principles - take all your rubbish with you and treat our natural fishing spots with the respect they deserve.

Bonito fishing in NSW (and elsewhere) is an adventure that every angler should experience. With the right technique and gear, especially the versatile range of Landcaster jigs, you're set for an unforgettable day on the water. So, grab your gear, select your preferred Landcaster jig, and head out for a day of thrilling Bonito fishing!

Check out for their comprehensive range of jigs and expert advice. Tight lines and happy fishing, mates!

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