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What Fishing Line is Better PE Braid or Monofilament and Fluorocarbon?

What Fishing Line is Better PE Braid or Monofilament and Fluorocarbon?

Braid fishing line can be seen as better than monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines. Modern braids cast further. Braided fishing line is more sensitive. Braids have a thinner diameter with even breaking weights against fluoro and monofilament fishing lines. As a result, more line can fit on a fishing reel spool. Braid also casts further because it is thinner and has less resistance to the rod guides, wind, and other distance altering influences.

Downsides of braided fishing line is since it doesn’t stretch it’s more prone to breaking against sharp rocks and toothy fish. Braided line also tends to float more than mono and fluoro fishing line which can be a hassle when surf fishing around kelp or other weed. Since there’s little stretch setting the hook with the ol’ heave ho might just rip the lips right off your fish and lose it. 

Overall, braided fishing line seems like the best choice. Except, it’s not really. Not by itself at least. This is where the mono or fluorocarbon leader on a braided fishing line comes into play. A length of trace a meter or two long can make heaps of difference when fishing lures or bait with braid. Braid when run out to a paternoster bait rig will help feel bites better. A mono or fluoro trace when pitching lures will increase your catch rate too as the clear line looks more natural. It also adds a bit of shock absorber reducing pulled hooks on hook sets.

A leader, or trace, serves a couple of purposes when fishing bait or lures. A mono or fluoro trace will help your lure sink better. Mono and fluoro traces act like a shock absorber so a strong hit may not break or pull out the fish’s mouth like straight braid might. Mono and fluoro have better abrasion resistance than braid.

Bottom bashing with braid is a good idea down to the paternoster or hi/lo rig. Whichever rig is producing, as it allows the angler to feel what’s going on at the other end better than a long length of stretchy monofilament. Bottom bashing a good depth braid may also afford some extra insurance for big fish as there’s more line on the reel reducing, hopefully, the risk of being spooled.

If two rods are put in the rod holder with a jig or vibe the one that will likely produce better results in a side by side test will be the braid with a mono leader. Mono by itself  has too much stretch over a long distance compared to braid so missed strikes are less likely to happen with braid. 

So the real question shouldn’t be “Which is better, braid or mono?” The question should be how anglers can I use them to their advantage

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