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Fishing for Australian Whiting is a Fun and Enjoyable Pastime

Fishing for Australian Whiting is a Fun and Enjoyable Pastime

Surf fishing is a popular Australian pastime. Beach fishing along the east coast of Australia wouldn't be the same without Sand Whiting. Surf or estuary Whiting is a huge part of recreational fisheries across Australia. Many young anglers have cut their teeth on Whiting.

Australia has many species of Whiting: King George, Sand, and Yellowfin, are probably the most well known. They all taste good and are easy to catch. Whiting can be prepared many ways but fried with a breadcrumb coating is the tastiest. Fileted or whole, these little fish hold their own against rival table fish like Flathead and Bream.

A Medium action fishing rod is about the right gear for Whiting fishing. A spinning reel will make casting a breeze and keep it simple. 8 to 10lb monofilament line or monofilament leader spooled on your fishing rig is deadly for Whiting. Mainline isn't as important as long a long cast is able to reach your target spot. A monofilament or fluorocarbon leader tied to braid or heavier monofilament main line will get more bites.

The most common whiting rig is a double hook rig with #1 hooks. Sometimes a triple hook set up is used. It really is a simple rig that is called a hi lo, dropper rig, or even a paternoster. The top has a simple swivel, there are two or three leaders with a single hook, and a sinker at the bottom. It doesn't get much more simple than this.

The hook is an important part of the Whiting fishing rig. Long shank hooks allow beach worms to be properly secured. Pipis and squid hold quite well to a long shank hook. A close runner up is the circle hook and usually catches Whiting in the corner of the mouth. if you are getting a lot of bites but no hook ups go to smaller hooks for better catch rates. #1 hooks with a long shank are the most commonly used hooks. Tie the hooks on with a snell knot or modified clinch knot.

Baits are best and will make short work of a feed for catching Whiting. The best baits for Whiting are Pipis, Yabbies, Squid, Prawn, and Beach Worms. Rigged on a hi lo paternoster or on a running ball sinker they are great fishing bait for hungry fish. These are a natural food source for Whiting.

Whiting will also take a lure! Soft plastics like a worm will fall victim to Whiting. Soft plastic curly tail grubs will even work rigged on a paternoster rig in the surf. Try a soft plastic lure on one of the hooks of a hi lo rig in the surf. One bait and one soft plastic grub.

Whiting are a great fishing species in NSW and all around Australia. Fish for them in sand flats or deeper water surf rips and gutters. A peak period for Whiting is the usual dawn and dusk and best time being around low tide. Cast to the entrances or rips and gutters. Running ball sinker rigs let drift with current slowly and retrieve when washing back to the beach or when you want to check your bait.

Whiting fishing is a simple but rewarding sport. Whiting make great tablefare and can be used in many recipes. They also take a number of baits and are plentiful to catch. It's no wonder they are so popular around Australia to fish for. Get out and give it a try if you haven't already.


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