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Alvey Fishing Reel Identification Guide: Shaking Hands With an Alvey Reel

Ever wonder what your Alvey side casting reel numbers mean? Here's a quick breakdown of your Alvey fishing reel models and what they stand for.

A = direct wind
B= graphite back plates
C=star/lever drag
D=dunno (usually direct wind reels)
E=direct wind rock fishing reels (bigger handles etc)
L= lever drag

I prefer the stainless steel backed 700 series surf reels as the weight counterbalances when making long powerful casts. The weight helps pivot off your leading hand.

For rock fishing or Luderick fishing I prefer the graphite backed reels as they are much lighter. If it's in the rod holder I don't care tyoo much but if I'm holding it I prefer smaller reels or graphite reels for comfort. Overall, I prefer the older stainless backed reels.
Number Series (45, 55, 65, 500, 550, 650, 700, etc. denotes the reels diameter generally. The 650C reel is 6.6 inches across the face of the reel. The 700 Series is 7 inches across. This is pretty much an indicator of reel size.
E series reels are designed to be used for Rock Fishing. Alvey calls these reels ROCKHOPPER reels. The handles are attached to the spool and makes it easier to hold the spool while lifting fish up from the rocks. Wind the handle to wench the fish up.

C series reels don't have handles on the spool. These reels have a stainless steel handle to reel them in.
B series reels have a graphite backing plate.Β Graphite reels are much lighter surf reels. The B series reels have a slightly different reel casting foot that uses a spring and a graphite reel mount instead of the stainless steel lever mechanism to move the reel into casting position.
A series have a stainless steel backing plate. They are heavier feeling and seem to be more substantive.
RR series is the Rapid Retrieve reels. Alvey made a bracket that moves the reel handle toward the centre of the reel to make winding in faster. It is only on one of the handles so you can torque the reel with the outside handle for more power.

V series reels have vented spools This makes them lighter and lets them dry out faster.