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Take Five and Bin the Rubbish You Find Fishing

There’s no excuses for lazy grubs that don’t pick up after yourselves. If you go fishing, pick up your rubbish! Go one step farther and pick up other people’s rubbish. It’s pretty much that simple. Let’s work on keeping Australia's outdoors clean.

Take a bag and take five: clean up your rubbish and litter that others have left behind.

Australia is a beautiful place full of natural resources and wonder. Don’t ruin it by throwing trash on the ground because you’re too lazy and stupid to pick up after yourself. Perhaps litterbugs don’t see themselves as poor sports but everyone else does. Nobody likes a dirty grub.

There’s no reason to throw food, product, and bait packaging on the ground to blow off into the water. Bin your rubbish.

It is a lazy grub that cuts their baited rig off and throws it on the ground for the seagulls to tangle in and die. Pick up all line, lures, and rubbish and bin it on the way out.

Put cigarette butts in the trash too. Dirty grubs throw butts on the ground. Don’t be a dirty grub. Use a soda bottle or other container to put your cancer stick leftovers into. The highest volume of identifiable plastics on the beaches are cigarette butts. 

Don’t be a dirty grub and ruin the scenery. Keep it clean where you fish. Big Corp, Big Ag, and Big Gov add a lot to the problem we have globally with ruining natural resources. We can’t do a lot about Big Gov cutting down the last habitat of a rare and endangered marsupial but we can put our wrappers and other rubbish in the bin.

Thanks for keeping it clean!