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Art of Micro Fishing Size #30 Aldridge Snelled Hooks 10 Pack

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10 Pack #30 Size Pre Snelled 30cm Micro Fishing Hooks Great for Collecting Aquarium FIsh and Lifelisting!

Aldridge #1 Micro Hook Size 30 Snelled 10 Pack

The Art of Micro Fishing

Each hook is snelled onto a 30cm leader with a 5mm loop at the other end for easy use.

Micro fishing is a subset of fishing where anglers try to hook the smallest fish species possible. Generally, fish under 8 inches or 20cm are considered micro sized.ย 

During our testing phase, we caught 35 species of fish ranging from under an inch in length to around 7 inches.

The Aldridge #1 hook is a hybrid design between a dry fly hook and a tanago hook. The result is a slightly thicker hook with a larger barb, although retaining the size of the most popular tanago hooks.

Pre Tied Size #30 Hooks
30cm 2lb Leader
Loop on Leader For Easy Use
Cardstock Packaging No Plastics

Lifelisters often target micro-sized fish to add new species as most fish on Earth are smaller. Aquarium enthusiasts also use micro fishing to catch tank specimens. Angling with hook and line causes less habitat destruction than netting.

Ships from Balgowlah, NSW Australia.