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Bait Impact Shields Cast Bait Further and Saves Bait

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FAQs About LandCaster Tackle

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LandCaster Tackle is located in Balgowlah, New South Wales.

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Shipping takes between 3 and 7 days on average. Remote locations can take longer.

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Want to cast farther and keep your bait on the hook? Bait impact shields will do both!

Bait impact shields hold your baited hook inline with your sinker until it hits the water. This stops it from spiralling and cart wheeling.

Your bait and weight spinning against each other in the wind slows it down and kills your casting distance. This little bit of terminal tackle stops that! You'll be a happy angler with longer casts and less knocked off bait!

Once the bait hits the water the bait shield automatically does a breakaway and releases the hook. Bait shields also help protect your bait so it doesn't fly off the hook or get knocked off when it hits the water. These are similar to the OTG that does a breakaway on splashdown and can also be cast from Off The Ground position.

  • Bait impact shields cast farther
  • Bait impact shields protect your bait
  • Bait impact shields keep line twist down because they secure baits
  • Bait impact shields keep your line neat so there are fewer tangles

Some claim to cast up to thirty percent farther when using bait release shields for bait fishing. Pulley rigs made with bait release clips let you cast your rig at half-length making casting easier, especially when in tight places. There are many ways to rig your bait with these distance casting devices. These are great bait clips for surfcasting.

Some ways to use bait casting shields are as easy as tying on a weight and a hook through the bait shield. Paternoster rigs work well with bait shields. Bait shields hold your hook only while it is flying through the air, streamlined, for maximum distance.

Simply thread your mainline of the trace through the bait shield when rigging! It's a simple accessory to use! Clip your weight on the bottom of the paternoster and place your baited hook on the holder. A swivel on top of the paternoster rig will further help prevent tangles.

Not only does it help cast maximum distances it keeps your bait from spiraling and windmilling out of control. The shield also helps keep more delicate baits from being torn apart on impact with the water. Once the bait shield hits the water the excellent design pushes your hook away allowing it to swing wide of the mainline.

  • Bream
  • Salmon
  • Flathead
  • Pink Snapper
  • Tarwhine
  • and many more!

Bait shields are great to use when surfcasting or casting off piers, rocks, or other structures. Pink snapper, bream, tarwhine, and tons of other bottom-dwelling fish can be caught with paternoster rigs using bait shields.

Integrate bait shields into your bottom fishing rigs and catch more fish, cast further, and keep the bait on longer when casting. You will enjoy angling even more!

  • Thread a bait shield on your main line
  • Tie your paternoster or fishing rig as normal
  • Adjust bait shield to hold baited hook
  • Cast as you normally would
  • Fish with less tangles and less lost bait

If you want to increase your casting distance, keep your bait on the hook longer, and avoid nasty tangles this is the bit of casting tackle for you. Easy to use and releases the hook when it hits the water automatically. Your casts will resemble those with lures instead of out of control baits and weight.

For maximum casting efficiency use impact bait shields for your rigs and a casting trigger for your spinning reels. You will be surprised how much farther you can cast with just a couple of simple tools and accessories. You'll never want to go back.

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