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Bom Dart 30 gram Metal 3d Holo Jig with Stinger Hooks

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$9.99 - $24.99
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Color: Yakka Yellow

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LandCaster Tackle is located in Balgowlah, New South Wales.

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Introducing the Bom Dart - your ultimate go-to metal jig for a thrilling fishing experience! Catch yourself a wide variety of fish species in a variety of conditions! Works great from the shore or the boat. Coral Trout, Bream, and all sorts of Demersal fish will take them.

This 30-gram dynamo is not just a fishing lure - it's a game changer. Its carefully sculpted curved backbone enhances the wobble action perfectly mimicking the natural movement of a fish's prey. Expect action with every cast to make sure you don't miss a strike.

Our Bom Dart is equipped with double stinger hooks, razor-sharp and designed to secure every catch. The lure doesn't just attract fish, it grips them tight.

Not one, not two, but three dazzling colour options make the Bom Dart versatile and adaptive. Whether it's the vibrant Yakka Yellow, the mysterious Dark Pillie, or the cool Blue Mackerel, each hue is made to mesmerise an array of fish species.

The Bom Dart reigns supreme for shore angling. Its weight, balance, and design make it perfect for long casts, landing right where the big ones hide. Whether it's Bream, Snapper, Flathead, Trevally, Kingfish, or other similar fish species you're after this lure is perfect for coastal Australian waters.

The best part? It's as easy to use as it is effective, offering maximum catch potential with minimal effort.


  • 30-gram Metal Jig: Perfect weight for long casting and stable underwater movement.
  • Double Stinger Hooks: Super sharp and durable, these hooks ensure every bite counts.
  • Curved Backbone: Designed for extra wobbly action, effectively mimicking natural prey.
  • Three Colour Options: Yakka Yellow, Dark Pillie, and Blue Mackerel to cater to various water and light conditions.
  • Wide Range Target: Suitable for Bream, Snapper, Flathead, Trevally, Kingfish and more.
  • Shore Angling Special: Casts far and easy to fish with, making it a reliable ally for shore anglers.

Ships from Balgowlah, NSW.