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Crab Claws Lure is a Cracking Go To Lure for Bream Flathead Snapper and More!

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Size: 15 Gram
Color: Strawberry

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Crabs are part of many predatory fish diets. These soft plastic crabs lures have floating foam treble hooks making the crab look like its pincers are up defending itself. This adds movement to the lure making it appear more natural and enticing.

Match your crab imitator lure to the structure color!

One fish catching tip is to match your crab imitator lure to the structure color. Matching conditions can increase your bites. 

In the surf rips and gutters and sand flats use a brown Crab Claw to match the sandy bottom. White Crab Claw lures can imitate beach dwelling Ghost crabs. In the mud flats use a natural Crab Claw lure. In weedy areas like grass flats use the green Crab Claw lure.

Claws float up so you don't get hung as easily!

Rocky areas and mangroves can hold red coloured crabs so to increase your odds try the red color. Jacks, Bream, and Sooty Grunter love mangrove crabs. Many of the predatory fish you target will take a crab.

Fish your Crab Claws lure along structure like wharf pilings, oyster leases, or sand flats. Realistic looking Crab Lure catches fish in many different areas and many different species.

Slow retrieve along bottom or drift with the current!

Groper, bream, whiting, and many other fish can be caught with a Crab Claw Lure. Slow retrieve along bottom or drift with the current. Shallows prove well fishing sandy patches in weeds or other structure for flathead. Pylons, gutters and rips, and oyster leases work well for bream.

For piers and pylons cast up current and let the realistic articulated crab drift down to the pylons where Bream wait to pounce on food that comes by.

15 gram soft plastic with floating foam hooks. Floating foam pincers keep the claws up so you don't get hung as easily in weeds.