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Livies Jigs 50 Gram Micro Jigs Yakka Slimey and Pilchard 3D Holographic Rock Fishing Surf Fishing Bottom Bashing Casting

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Color: Blue Slimey 3D Holo

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Livies Jigs Look Like Real Livies! Perfect for Rock Fishing, Surf Fishing, Bottom Bashing, Flats, Estuary, and More!

50 gram Livies Jigs are superb for casting from land or jigging around bommies. Rockfishing, surf fishing, wading the sand flats anywhere in Australia. Anything that feeds off baitfish will hit these jigs.

50 Gram Solid Core Jig
#4 Strong Soldered Treble Hook 
Feathered SHARP Treble Hook
3D Realistic Livies Jigs

Catch Snapper, Flathead, Macs, Bonito, Tailor, or Kingfis and more!. Trolled behind the boat or casting and retrieving works a treat for sashimi or big baits for dollies, flathead, and snapper.

Watch This 20 Second Video of Luke Hunter Landing a Nice Tailor With Our Livies Jig.

From the rocks, surf, or pier slice jigs produce the goods, too! Livies Jigs are thin and cut through wind for easy shore casting the entrance rips and gutters.

Livies Jigs work well on Barramundi, Bass, Bonito, Cod, Flathead, Kingfish, Mulloway, Mackerel, Murray Cod, Salmon, Silver Perch, Snapper, Tailor, Trevally, Yellas, Yellowbelly, and other fish. 

Vary your retrieve for best results. When you find a retrieve that is getting strikes stick with that until it doesn't.

Rip and sit, reel it in a number of times and let it sink. Bump off bottom and pull up slightly to keep it on the reef. Many times it will take a strike on the drop. This is a good method when the fish are chasing but arent hitting.

A steady retrieve will produce hits when other retrives won't produce. Other times bouncing the rod tip up and down while retrieving creates the action that drives them mad. Livies Jigs work for a lot of species. Jigging or trolling or cast and retrieve. 

Tie your slice jig on with an improved clinch knot or similarly strong fishing knot. 

livies Jigs Catch Flathead, Kingfish, Snapper, Trevally, Salmon, Barramundi, Bonito, Mackerel, Yellowbelly, Cod, Bass, Yellas, Silver Perch, Murray Cod, Tailor and Mulloway.

Unique body shape and 3D holographic design mimics the actual baitfish. The tapered body lets you cast long distances.

50 grams solid core jigs. #4 treble hook with feathers.

Ships directly from Balgowlah, NSW Australia