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Luderick Float Fishing Kit Estuary and Ocean Fishing for Blackfish

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Float fishing kit for fishing for Luderick, also known as Blackfish. Contains everything you need to get started and be successful float fishing.

This Float Fishing System lets us easily adjust the bait depth. I add a stopper above and below the float (in case I break off the lower stopper I keep my float on the mainline). The top rubber stopper is what controls the depth of the float and I do not use a bead with this setup as I don't need it. Moving it up and down adjusts the bait depth easily.

Includes 3 floats, 6 packs of hooks, 30 float stoppers, and 3 float slides.

  • 3 Floats (3 sizes included 10g - 15.5g - 22.5g)
  • 6 Packs of hooks (#4 and #6 Weed Hooks #12, #10, #8, and #6 Estuary Hooks)
  • 30 Rubber Float Stoppers (5 fobs of 6 each)
  • 3 Float Slides with Swivel and Quick Snap Connect

I've used the sliding float method for ocean fishing with GREAT SUCCESS. Luderick are a light biting finicky fish and a sensitive float works a treat for seeing the bite. 

3 Sizes of Floats - 6 Packs of Hooks - 30 Float Stoppers - 3 Float Slide Snaps


  1. 10 gram float 42.5 cm tall
  2. 15.5 gram float 47.5 cm tall
  3. 22.5 gram float 49 cm tall


  1. 4 Packs Estuary Luderick Hooks (1 Each Size #12, #10, #8, #6)
  2. 2 Packs Ocean Luderick Hooks (1 Each #6 and #4)


  1. 30 Float Stoppers (5 fobs of 6 Pcs Each)
  2. 3 Float Slide Snaps

Luderick can be caught using green weed or cabbage weed wrapped around the hook shank. Collect fresh green weed and put the hook through a small bundle. Wrap the bundle around the hook shank and run the hook point back through the bundle of greenweed. Some fishos like to make a half hitch around the hook shank but I don't like to do this because it can weaken the line strength with big fish on.

Use just enough splitshot to keep the float stem at the water line. These floats are sensitive and Luderick can be light biting fish. Light bites are easily seen with this setup.

Berley with shopped greenweed mixed with sand or you can use bread. When you get to your fishing area mix your berley first and throw it out. Get your gear ready and then throw some more berley out. This gives the fish attracting berley a few minutes to start bringing in fish.

Not only is this deadly for Luderick but fishing for Mullet, Garfish, and Leatherjackets it is an absolute blast. Use the same float fishing setup, sometimes referred to as Iso Fishing, but a different bait to target what you are after. I've caught Leatherjackets, Bream, Snapper, Luderick, Mullet, Garfish, Tarwhine, and I've even caught big Flathead drifting baits in the sandflats with these floats.

This same float fishing system works great for freshwater too! Fishing dams like Carcours I've caught nice Rainbow Trout with worms and heaps of Redfin Perch. Drop the float alongside structure like fallen trees and I don't think you can go without catching Redfin Perch.

A super secret for Luderick fishing is the double hook rig. A double hook rig, aka Newcastle Rig, has two hooks on the swivel, one 50cm and one 80cm. The double hook setup is easy to tie and even lets you get double hook ups occasionally. The two hook Luderick rig is good for either putting two different baits on or getting a second chance at sneaky Blackfish. Occasionally, I'll sneak a bit of shelled prawn on the upper hook for hopes of Luderick, Bream, or Drummer. Drummer caught on a Luderick rig are hard to land because of the light line and their tendency to power under rock ledges, though.

If you want a rewarding style of fishing then look no further. There's absolutely nothing like float fishing. if you get bored easily or like to see the action grab a float fishing kit and get in on the action. There's a reason Australian Luderick anglers have used floats to catch Luderick for generations. It's because they work!