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5-Pack Realistic Nippers Soft Plastic Lures - Ideal for Whiting, Bream, Bass, & Perch Fishing

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FAQs About LandCaster Tackle

Where Are You Located?

LandCaster Tackle is located in Balgowlah, New South Wales.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes between 3 and 7 days on average. Remote locations can take longer.

How Long Does Processing Take?

Your order is usually packed and sent out the following business day if made after noon. Early morning orders are often packed and sent out the same day. All orders are packed and sent out no later than two business days.

Does LandCaster Tackle Ship to Remote Locations and Collection Boxes?

Yes! You can get your LandCaster order delivered to remote locations, stations, and collection boxes. If Australian Post delivers mail to your location we will send it.

Experience authentic angling with our 5-Pack of Realistic Yabbie-Inspired Soft Plastic Lures, a trusted companion for Australian anglers targeting Whiting, Bream, Bass, and Perch. Our lures are thoughtfully designed to imitate the lifelike movement and appeal of yabbies and nippers, the pro-level baits loved by many Australian fish species.

From the surf to the seawall, sand flats to grass beds, and piers to pylons, our lures ensure optimal performance under all conditions. The lure's slow sink rate is ideal for pairing with a lightweight jig head combined with a smooth but iregular rip often results in the lure being an irresistible target.

Key Features:

  • Authentic, yabbie and nipper-inspired soft plastic lures
  • Expertly designed for catching Whiting, Bream, Bass, and Perch
  • Suitable for a variety of fishing environments: from surf and sand flats to grass beds and piers
  • Slow sink rate ensures effective lure presentation
  • Pack includes 5 colours (Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow) to suit different conditions
  • Designed to trigger both hunger and response bites

Adapt to your environment with our 5-colour pack, featuring Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow lures, enabling you to thrive in changing conditions. Our Soft Plastic Lures are designed to trigger both hunger and responsive bites, mirroring the thrill of fishing with real yabbies and nippers.