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Hard Body Vibe Lures Pull in Bream Flathead Bass Sooty Grunter 16 Grams

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Color: Copper 16g

Delivery in 3 to 7 days on average from Balgowlah, NSW.

FAQs About LandCaster Tackle

Where Are You Located?

LandCaster Tackle is located in Balgowlah, New South Wales.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes between 3 and 7 days on average. Remote locations can take longer.

How Long Does Processing Take?

Your order is usually packed and sent out the following business day if made after noon. Early morning orders are often packed and sent out the same day. All orders are packed and sent out no later than two business days.

Does LandCaster Tackle Ship to Remote Locations and Collection Boxes?

Yes! You can get your LandCaster order delivered to remote locations, stations, and collection boxes. If Australian Post delivers mail to your location we will send it.

Enter a realm of successful Australian fishing with LandCaster Vibe Lures. These lures are a must have in your tackle box for hunting Flathead, Bream, Perch, and Bass. Effortless to cast and simple to fish they ensure a confident and productive day on the water.

Key Features:

  • 5 striking colours for different water conditions and species
  • Sharp treble hooks with a soldered shank to withstand the fight of your catch
  • A 60mm hardbody lipless crankbait for enhanced casting and retrieval

LandCaster Vibe Lures excel in freshwater, too, luring in Bass, Grunter, and numerous Perch species. Their robust construction can withstand the sharp teeth of Tailor and similar species that can shred softer lures.

Imitating injured baitfish the Vibe Lures descend swiftly making them excellent choices for deeper schooling fish. Vary your retrieval tactics for optimal results – quick rips and reels for Tailor and Kingfish while a slower, up-down retrieval excites Flathead and Bream.

Ideal for both shallow and deep waters these lures vibrate and create a presence larger than soft plastic baits. LandCaster Vibe Lures offer the perfect blend of practicality and effectiveness. Their carefully selected treble hook sizes balance the lure's performance between avoiding snags and securing your catch.

Here's How to Fish with Vibe Lures:

  1. Maintain a moderate rod tip position. This enables you to feel the line vibrating while letting the lure sink during a pause.
  2. Watch for a line tick. Fish often strike the lure during the fall.
  3. Tie the LandCaster Vibe directly to your line, skipping snap swivels. If you're using a braid, consider a clear fluorocarbon or monofilament leader for improved strikes.

Target areas like drop-offs, weed beds, rocky reefs, and sandy transitions. Utilise tidal flow to your advantage. Casting and retrieving to make the lure pass by fish hideouts can help you bag big Bream around pier and wharf pilings.

Remember, places like rips and gutters on beaches are equally rewarding spots for Tailor and Whiting, and potentially Mulloway or big Flathead.

Whether you're fishing the estuaries, rivers, rock walls, or deep waters, LandCaster Vibe Lures are an indispensable part of your angling arsenal. They ship directly from Balgowlah, New South Wales, Australia