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Bonito on the Slice

Grab some slice jigs and get in on the action!

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From Balgowlah, NSW

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In a world where the cost of living only seems to go up, where your Nissan Patrol risks a defect notice for being 5mm over the wheel well, where parking feels like a luxury at $20 a pop, and where a decent meal costs nearly a day's wage, LandCaster Tackle emerges as the beacon for the everyday angler. We understand because we live it too. We fish just like you, seizing every opportunity to cast a line, amidst the ever-tightening squeeze of expenses.

Casting Praises: LandCaster Testimonials

Lot of interest in your micro jigs. I got some decent tuna, bonito, and kingfish on them. Everyone asking me where I get then from I been sending them to your site.

Luke Hunter - Hunter's Fishing Adventures

Love the microjigs! Works a treat caught heaps of bonnies one right after another.


I only fish land based and fish a wide variety of methods after all sorts of fish, I love it all.

John Ford @jonnywaselectric